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No external keyboard for the iPad Pro?

No external keyboard for the iPad Pro?

by Raoul Celdran2015/07/04

external keybord ipad pro The iPad Pro, mainly is one of the most rumored devices this week, which gives more cue points to know about the tablet. In contrast, the iPad Pro is totally going to come someday in the future, considering the versions that have already come by, such as the iPad Air, iPad Mini, the iPad Pro will be one of the biggest release Apple will ever make, especially for their tablet generations.

The iPad Pro to seek workaround on keyboards

Since iPhone 6 rise in the market, which proves to be a phablet, in between the range of a phone and a tablet, while Apple’s MacBook laptop is almost considered as a desktop quality, the next big thing Apple will focus on is its tablet ranges.

The iPad Pro is rumored to have specs of a 13-inch display, 4k resolution, and along with a high quality camera and impressive processor specifications. But what people might actually be looking for the tablet is its external elements.

Apple users have long been wanting to work with keyboards, and using a non-responsive one could be a big pressure for Apple to make a workaround to its internal keyboard that is at the same time conducive for work, if they decide to compete with Microsoft’s Surface Pro.

A work-oriented keyboard

With Apple’s capability, it is much anticipated that they will exclude the physical keyboard from the iPad Pro’s feature soon after it is released. Apple could probably decide to make its on screen keyboard the main working piece of the device.

One of the main problems about the on-screen keyboard is, that it is not that easy to enable a key from using the users’ fingertips compared to a real keyboard. But considering that Apple has recently announced the Force Touch technology in the Apple Watch, it could be deemed possible to make a work around in this issue.

To sum it all up, the force touch’s pressure-sensing technology could be this year’s most intuitive keyboard experience for users.

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