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Nokia N1

Nokia N1

by Cagan EGE2014/12/19

Nokia N1 Launched

Nokia is back and will compete with the iPad in the market. A few minutes ago unveiled a new elegant tablet with a unique app-launcher.

The venerable Finnish company Nokia, which recently divested mobile division of Microsoft, throws himself back into the fray. This time, however, with an Android-based tablet called Nokia N1. The unveiling of N1 happened a few minutes ago at an entrepreneurial conference in Finland.

Nokia N1 released against ipad

Nokia N1 is super well-designed, and very similar to Apple’s iPad mini – both in material, size and form factor – and it is an excellent start for Nokia in the tablet market. One of the things Nokia will differentiate itself in relation to the wide range of Android tablets is additionally  designed a . You write simply go just a letter across the screen when you want to start an app. It could be an “i” for Instagram or “f” for Facebook.

Nokia N1 can be purchased in stores for $ 250th Read more at Nokia .

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