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Philips Hue Iris review

Philips Hue Iris review

by Cagan EGE2014/12/10

Add color to your home with energy saving LED from Philips Hue.


Philips Hue is a series of LED products, which makes it possible to control the light from an iPhone, iPad, PC or Mac.

In the past few weeks, the editors have the pleasure to test a Philips Hue Iris Starter. This Starter Kit includes lamp Iris, which may resemble a flood light in design, as well as a small wireless bridge connecting an available network port on your router. Then pair your lamp with Philips Bridge with a single tap and finally  there is a connection between your wireless network and your Hue lamps.

Philips delivers even a number of apps for various platforms which of course you have to download before you get started with a remote control your lights. By default you can with Philips Hue app control the color of Hue Iris. One can choose from a total of 16 million shades and even themselves find colors based on own photos. Then there are special light on your recent trip, you can find this light again and get your lamp to show that color.

Do you have other and more features, it is possible to create a community-login and use hundreds of apps and features, along with the many Hue bulbs and lamps. Ex. you can get Philips Hue Hue Iris and other devices to notify in certain colors when you receive emails or otherwise change color if the weather changes. You can see many more of these fun features via this link .

Whether you choose a Philips Hue Iris or other light or simply light bulbs for your own lights, remember that you must have a so-called Starter first time. This includes the necessary bridge to connect with your router and your other devices. Do you have a Starter Kit, you can then connect up to 50 bulbs together and control them all from your iPhone. It is possible to create zones and rules, and are dim from all your iOS and Mac devices in the home.

Should it be even more advanced you can also set it all up after time schedules so lights always turn when you need to up or when it gets dark. You can also control your lights outside and regularly turn on lights when you are not at home and thus give the impression of activity in the home.

Philips Hue Iris is so far a really nice acquaintance we absolutely can only recommend. It is however a print to get started, and to imagine that one would connect the whole house with Hue, still seems very expensive. Hue is not quite cheap, but vice versa, you get many features low power consumption and long life.

According to the manufacturer, Philips Hue Iris expected to last 20,000 hours. Assuming that it takes approximately 1,000 hours per. year at an average use of about 3 hours a day, then you Iris for up to 20 years. The bulb, but can not be changed in Iris.

Mini Test: Philips Hue Iris

Looking for fun apps for iOS so you can search the Hue in the App Store , like Hue Menu for Mac is find in the Mac App Store .

Størrelse: L:16,5 cm B: 22,5 cm H: 15 cm
Colour:  White
Dæmpbar:  Yes through the App on Smartphone or Tablet
Light source:  10W LED – 120lm
Se video med Hue Iris:


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