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Qualcomm introduces Gimbal: Alternative to Apple’s iBeacon

Qualcomm introduces Gimbal: Alternative to Apple’s iBeacon

by Cagan EGE2013/12/11

Gimbal-270x151 Qualcomm is starting this week offer  to  the Gimbal for retailers. This little device makes it possible for Bluetooth Smart Store apps to display Highly specific store locations information.  The Bluetooth wireless station, seems to become a competitor for Apple’s iBeacons , and has become available since last week in U.S. Apple Stores.The gimbal is supported by iOS at the moment, but Qualcomm is also working on an Android app.

The functionality of Gimbal looks almost identical to iBeacons. You connect your iPhone via Bluetooth to a small box, and your exact position can be determined very precisely. According to Qualcomm, the Gimbal  determines your position with one foot (30 centimeters)  precision. It is therefore possible for a store to show  information about a specific product.

The Gimbal seems as the cheapest way for stores to send location-based messages via Bluetooth which is sold for $ 5 and Gimbals with a larger range cost $ 10 each. One of the first iBeacons,the Estimote was presented for some $ 100. Obviously the Estimote is still in a developmental phase, and the price is so high because they only want to attract developers and serious  testers. Qualcomm seems to have no web shop but utilizes stores to make account for questions and requests.

Qualcomm tightened once the competition with Apple by not only competing directly with the new Gimbals iBeacons, but also the company unveiled a 64-bit chip with built-in 4G technology for smartphones, which offers an alternative to Apple’s A7 chip for smartphone manufacturers.

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