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iOS 9 replaykit function to screen record

iOS 9 replaykit function to screen record

by Raoul Celdran2015/06/20

replaykit Apple iOS 9 has a hidden feature that was not openly discussed before, and it is the ReplayKit. Gamers, developers, and the iPhone users will find this feature lovely and useful. ReplayKit lets the user record a real-time action from your iPhone or iPad screen. The trick is free of charge and you can do them right now as long as you have  a Mac too.

As shown on CNET’s how-to YouTube video, all you need is your Mac that is running a Yosemite OS and a Lightning cable and you’re ready to set up the recording.

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After connecting your iPhone or iPad to your Mac, launch QuickTime Player > File > Movie Recording. By default, your Mac will use its iSight camera to record, after all this is done, there is still one more step to get the recording started. Click the arrow at the right side of the record button and select your iPhone or iPad’s name, which should now show up in the list, say for example the one from the video ‘Rumble’.

To add audio to the recording, the process is the same with the previous one, use the same arrow beside the record button, and select your device name from the Microphone menu.

Generally, this feature is very convenient to people who want to view their phones or tablets in a bigger screen real-time with Mac. This could even be used in important situations when you have something to present using your smartphone or tablet to other people. Just like in a conference or business firms that frequently arrange meetings and presentations, if you have a presentation that you need to show to your colleagues then you can plug it in your Mac and project it to a bigger screen and you are ready show your illustrations from your device.

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