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Reserve strap to extend your Apple Watch battery life

Reserve strap to extend your Apple Watch battery life

by Raoul Celdran2015/06/27

Apple has a promising surprise to Apple Watch owners and skeptical buyers. Apple announced a Reserve Strap which is said to be able to extend an additional of 30 hours for your watch’s battery life. The strap with a design that has a lightning icon will ship starting this November which will cost around $249.99.

The ‘Specialized Thermoset Elastomer Silicon band’ will be water resistant just as the same as the Apple Watch is. The model will be available in colors such as white, gray and black. The sizes of 38 millimeter up to 42 millimeter straps will increase the smartwatch’s battery life up to 48 hours capacity.

The Reserve Strap has completely followed the Apple’s Band Design Guidelines which is not a red flag for your watch use. The strap looks just as a normal strap is, but it charges both itself and the watch by connecting to the hidden diagnostic port of the watch. However, you can only charge both of them at the same time if you use the Micro USB port on the band instead of using the watch’s magnetic charger.

Apple has innovated well in the Apple Watch so far which enlightens watch owners and customers. The company has emphasized their open-mindedness for enabling third-party straps to enter its watch’s features. However, Apple might change the way the Reserve Strap will charge the watch anytime, which might lead to other ideas such as how it integrates with the diagnostic port or somewhere else.

The way how Apple is seeking to add more capabilities for their smartwatch right now may be another game changer for the industry. This change is clearly an indicator that the watch can distinguish itself from just being a watch or an accessory, the improvements show how capable it is as a smart watch and as accessory as well.

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