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Samsung Galaxy Note 5 to launch earlier than expected to compete with iPhone 6S

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 to launch earlier than expected to compete with iPhone 6S

by Raoul Celdran2015/06/18

According to rumors spreading recently, Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. may launch Samsung Galaxy Note 5 soon to compete with its great rival, Apple Inc.

Samsung users are looking forward to the release of the new Samsung Galaxy Note 5. The Galaxy series has been noted to have been well progressed since the past few years since its prime and serves as a worthy rival against Apple’s iPhone. Though rumors have been spreading, no date was said, but was indicated that the new Galaxy phone will be released earlier than expected, as written by Mihai Matei for GforGames.

samsung galaxy note 5 launch


The rumors of the Galaxy Note 5 early release was previously denied

Sources gathered from Taiwan says that the purpose of a probable early release is for the company to catch up with its smartphone against Apple. It has been said that the Note 5 could be shipped by August.

Previous unclear rumors also state that the smartphone would be released by July as well, but the reports were denied by Samsung’s head of mobile, J.K. Shin. Another old rumors says that the release will be on September, following the IFA 2015 in Berlin, Germany.

Otherwise, according to Matei, it is likely to happen that Samsung will remain in the ‘status quo’ and will release the phone on the IFA.

Launch date a strategy to battle with Apple

The company’s reputation of being a big competitor to Apple is still going on, and in what situation could have happened if the Note 5 had been released earlier. Since the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus was previously introduced in the market, it was a huge game changer in the smartphone industry, which might have worried Samsung. Lastly, the right time could be the strategy that Samsung is waiting for to take its course, and revealing hints of its release might never be an option for a tight competition against Apple.

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