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Everything you need to know about the updated Siri on iOS 9

Everything you need to know about the updated Siri on iOS 9

by Raoul Celdran2015/06/15

Apple made many new updates for the iOS 9 and without leaving anything out, the company has been giving much attention to its personal assistant, Siri.

While the tech industry has been growing since then, personal assistants have been more in demand. Since Siri has been known a lot to the consumers since it was created, lately, it has never topped Google’s offering, Google Now, and Microsoft’s Cortana.

But with the new iOS 9, the tables might turn.

Great Suggestions

One good quality of a personal assistant would be to suggest things, without even asked. Apple has improved Siri to become more proactive and it resulted to a much better app since the latter.

Say, for example that you have an exercise routine in the morning. Siri will suggests to bring your playlist with you when plugging your earphones on your iPhone in the morning. And overall, one of the best things an assistant could do is to bring out reminders. The new Siri will automatically remind the user just before leaving for a meeting, or any other thing.

Smart search

Since the older Siri, it has been noted that the personal assistant is capable of searching for information. But now, Siri has been more proactive and can dig more information by the user’s command, such as “Show me pictures from April”. Not only that, Siri can also help the user remember which was previously searched, such as any food recipe, say, for example fruit cake. Siri will then try to recover the last previously searched recipe and then retrieve it for the user.

Various improvements

As a whole, Siri is still an open field for improvements. Also, possibly an integration to the new streaming music service — Apple Music will be an amazing addition to the feature which will enable the user to ask Siri get a playlist based on the users interest. In the market today, Siri is getting better and could be a factor to compete with other proactive device personal assistants as well.

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