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SMS/iMessage problem in iOS 7.0.2.

SMS/iMessage problem in iOS 7.0.2.

by Cagan EGE2014/12/10

SMS and iMessage issues after ios 7.0.2. update

Apple has just confirmed that there is a problem with sending and receiving certain messages in iOS 7.0.2.

Some users complain that not all text messages or iMessage messages sent or received correctly. Some never downloads or may not be sent.



It’s a bug in Apple’s iMessage and it is therefore a good idea to turn iMessage itself if you have the problem. Do you still use iMessage, you must first turn iMessage off. You do this in Settings in Messaging.

Before you turn iMessage on again, reset the network settings in Settings – Reset.

The problem, however, for many users reappear within a few hours and then it may be necessary to reset again and beat iMesaage on and off.

Apple has just confirmed that they are aware that a small proportion of users have problems with iOS 7.0.2 and iMessage. We are working on an update that will address the problem. This happens probably when Apple released iOS 7.0.3 at a time.

Apple confirms SMS / iMessage problem in iOS 7

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