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Steve Jobs Woodside Mansion

Steve Jobs Woodside Mansion

by Cagan EGE2014/12/09

Steve Jobs another house – was a large mansion (about 1600 sqm) in Woodside – California. The house was also called “the Jack Ling House” and it has created much debate over the years.

An American copper magnate – Daniel Cowan Jack Ling (hence the name) had built the house in 1925 by a recognized architect George Washington Smith. Although the house were widely regarded as historically, the house was never registered as a conservation area and was razed in 2011 by Steve Jobs. Steve Jobs Woodside Mansion

Steve Jobs bought the house in 1984 and lived there for about a decade. after which he rented it haphazardly.

Steve Jobs plan was for many years to demolish the house, but was refused all applications, despite several attempts. Steve Jobs had plans to build a more “normal” house on the plot and succeeded finally in 2010 to get permission to tear it down.

The house was demolished in February, 2011. Steve Jobs never managed to start a new construction project and died later the same year 5 october, 2011.

Steve Jobs Woodside Mansion








You can also see Google Maps here . (Notice what happens when you zoom in and out)




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