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Swipe Dial App

Swipe Dial App

by Cagan EGE2014/12/09

Swipe Dial – New widget allows you to call your friends without having to enter the iPhone first …

As you may know, it is much easier to get access to their favorite contacts and most recent contacts in iOS 8. Simply double-click the Home button and there you can see them. But when you touch them you get a new option if you want to call, sms’se, facetime etc.

If you have not thought of this way of doing it and like me are concerned about the wear of the Home button, then there are other possible amenities include  Swipe Dial – Speed ​​Dial widget  that allows you to add speed dial numbers to Notification Center, making it even easier to access and dial the number of your favorite contacts from anywhere in iOS system.

swipe dial

Swipe Dialer a free app that allows you to add 3 contacts for free. In addition, will have to pay kr. 7 – the ability to add unlimited contacts.

How you adding this widget (and all other widgets) to the Notification Center.

After you add your favorite contacts in the app for download, activated Dial widget in Notification Center. You pull down from the top of your screen and down to the bottom and press where it says Edit. Then click the green + button and then the widget part of the “Today” list.

Download the free  Swipe Dial – Speed ​​Dial Widget   and if you will interested here is some other smart usable widgets I previously mentioned .



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