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Tablet Sales Market Shares: Guess who is the champ.

Tablet Sales Market Shares: Guess who is the champ.

by Cagan EGE2014/12/19

Apple Tablet Sales versus Android Tablet Sales

Most of the tablet users  prefer iPad, while various Android devices only achieve a market share of 11%. Microsoft is completely gone.

Here is the Tablet Sales Market Shares Diagram:

Tablet Sales Diagram iOS and Android

Apple sits very heavily on the business market, particularly trading on tablets. Good Technology has looked at the number of newly activated devices in the latest quarter – and that was before Apple unveiled the new iPads. The figures show that there was iPad on the whole 89% of all tablet users while Android had  the remaining 11%. The most remarkable figure  is Microsoft’s market share which does not appear in the statistics when it comes to tablets. Looking at the phones, however, Microsoft gets 1%. And of course, when it comes to computers market Microsoft  is very strong in the category of all devices for professional use. On the mobile area, however, Microsoft has completely moved behind the dance.

Apple has recently focused heavily on business and had an agreement with IBM for cooperation.

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