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Why Should You Buy an Apple Watch

In today’s rise of the first generation of the Apple Watch. There are a couple of reasons that would let people buy the product and use it to the highest of its capabilities.

Two reasons to buy an Apple [...]

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The next Apple Watch might have a FaceTime camera feature

The Apple watch was released in just about 2 months, but as expected of Apple, the company is planning to innovate once again by putting a camera on the top bezel of the watch for video chatting, as reported by 9to5Mac.

Apple is [...]

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7 ways the Apple iWatch can be more useful than we think

The new Apple watch is getting a lot of attention in the market today. The watch is getting a much-needed update to keep up with the barrage of apps that are waiting in line for it. Since earlier this week’s WWDC, Apple discussed the watch’s [...]

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Apple Watch Survey Results


In round numbers, Apple finds out that one of  four attended to the survey is  interested in Apple Watch. For a quarter has not taken a position, while half are not interested.; Most positive results are from [...]

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