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No external keyboard for the iPad Pro?

The iPad Pro, mainly is one of the most rumored devices this week, which gives more cue points to know about the tablet. In contrast, the iPad Pro is totally going to come someday in the future, considering the versions [...]

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The Apple iPad Pro, twice the size and twice the price?

Just after iOS 9 beta has been introduced and marketed to the people and the media, a new iPad just came to approach the industry, and by far called the ‘iPad Pro’. The new device will likely have a resolution of ‘2732×2048’, which is [...]

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Rumor: iPad Pro with 12.2 inch display

New rumors contradict earlier rumor implying a larger iPad pro. Apple should be fully engaged in developing a great iPad that could support screen split, multitasking and we hear that it is the most realistic rumor about the big pro [...]
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12.9 inch Big iPad Pro Release Date Rumors

Mockup of large iPad med OS X.

Apple postpones launch of a large 13 inch iPad with a few months, says analyst.

There has for some months, in fact one and a half year’s time, been rumors that Apple is working on a large [...]

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