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The iPad emerges as the PC of the future: iOS 9 presents new feature

The iPad emerges as the PC of the future: iOS 9 presents new feature

by Raoul Celdran2015/06/10

Ipad split-screen feature

The top 5 Fortune 500 Apple has patched up a new performance enhancing features to the iPad. With regards to the iOS 9 to officially launch this September 2015 has revamped the iPad to aid in getting the job done faster through a split-screen feature. The iPad which is most likely a giant iPhone will be able to use its screen size to the fullest. The latest iPad 4th generation models that have resolutions starting by default at 1024×768 up to 2048×1536 pixels per inch (PPI) will play a new role in the tech industry this fall.

For all iPhone and iPad users that have experienced seeing a different arrangement of the panels when you use the web such as let’s say Facebook. Just by looking at the news feed, you can clearly see a simple difference for both devices, as well as for other apps that you may use, some information are shown on the bigger device that is not shown on the smaller one. Now, the split-screen feature of the iPad represents its edge not limited to smaller devices but as to the PC as well.

The iOS function everybody is looking for

iOS 9 is doing us a favor, none of us would like to stick to the old school which is the use of tabs, and changing tabs every now and then. This feature as simple as it is, the way it is, is truly remarkable. You can scroll around your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram while reading your email on the other side. Both sides of the screen are interactive and can fit anyone who prefers to do multitasking.

This feature, however, will not be available to the iPad Air and the iPad mini-series, but can still use some designated multitasking features of the iOS 9.

Ipad: The PC alternative

The usual norm where people would rather use a PC or a laptop to type emails, use WordPad while browsing in Safari or Chrome. But surprisingly, the iOS 9 supports the on-screen keyboard shortcuts through Bluetooth keyboards if you prefer to use one. Not a conclusion as to when people would replace the PC, but this could be a start as the era of the iPad grows.

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