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Foxconn Robots to assemble iPhones?

Foxconn Robots to assemble iPhones?

by Cagan EGE2014/12/10

Foxconn Robots to replace humans?

The industrial robots which should increase the production of iPhones, has proved to be too inaccurate for the small complex iPhones, there continue to be assembled by humans.

Last summer, Foxconn put the finishing touches on a series of new assembly robots called Foxbots. The idea was that these industrial robots would assemble iPhones at Foxconn factories. It has not gone as well as expected. The robots are simply not accurate enough to be able to live up to Appels tolerances.

For starters, the robots are tasked to tighten screws and assemble major components. The robots have been developed from the robots used in the automotive industry, and they are far from precise and flexible enough to assemble small complex devices like the iPhone. Robots precision is not less than 0.05 mm, which Apple claims is a maximum of 0.02 mm.

Foxconn is already working on the second generation of robots, but can reportedly be several years before the technology is ready to assemble iPhones. Until then, all iPhones through human hands.Tip: To change the default search engine in iOS

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