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Smart Home Kit controlled via iphone

Smart Home Kit controlled via iphone

by Cagan EGE2014/12/09

Kits makes it ultra-easy to make your existing devices on the internet connected smart devices. For example. your own lamp that can be controlled with the iPhone.

With Smart Home Kit you can create any electronic device into a internetforbunden smart device. The idea is that instead of buying new smart devices, makes its own from the things you already have and the things that come with the kit.

One could eczema elvis make a remote feeder for its pet or a doorbell that sends a notification when someone pressed. Only your imagination sets the limits, and Little Bits behind the kit, made ​​some videos with examples on their website . One of them you can see above.

Smart Home Kit comes with 14 pieces – or bits, as they call it – as you put together without tools. The various bits include a cloudBit that connects to the network. In addition there is an MP3 player, a temperature sensor, a speaker, a light sensor, etc. In addition, you can buy several bits with additional features.

The kit can be ordered now, but delivered only in late December. The cost is $ 249

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