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What is new with Mac OS X Mountain Lion

What is new with Mac OS X Mountain Lion

by Cagan EGE2014/12/06

Mac OS X Mountain Lion

In the next version of Apple’s operating system – Mac OS X Mountain Lion – there will be many exciting things where Apple takes many of the good things we know from IOS devices like the iPhone & iPad.

There will be another integration between iCloud and the Mac so that when you work on documents stored in iCloud  it will be pushed automatically to all your devices, so you can continue to work on the iPhone and iPad at another time – or simply to be able to read it.

Game Center is also becoming more integrated, you can play with your friends over the internet and see how far your friends are in a given game.

Notification Center is also for Mac now – all reminders come in one place. All calendar reminders, sticky notes, iChat, and reminders from other programs.

Twitter is better integrated into the system – so you do not have to open the  website and login, even if you do not have Twitter installed.

Mac_OS-X-Mountain-Lion Gatekeeper – is enough to make much fuss. It is also a good approach for most users. This means that you, the user can select a security option, which effectively assures that your computer can only run programs that come from Apple’s online software store – AppStore. If you do that – you are sure that all the programs running on the computer – is checked  through for possible security breaches and thus avoids a lot of trouble with malwares like viruses, spyware, and other debris and other things  known from the PC world and is beginning to present itself to the Mac platform.


Another VERY cool feature is also the possibility to send SMS messages directly from your computer via iMessage. Apple has the latest version of the operating system for iPhone, iPod & iPad – iOS 5 – introduced their own SMS message system – bypassing telecommunications companies.

It is called – iMessage. It works only between Apple devices and only the latest. You have to have a device that can run the latest version of IOS and Mac that can run Mac OS X Lion 10.8.

But the thing is that you can already test it. Therefore you can download  a beta version (test version) from Apple, now …


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