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What’s next for the iPod and iPhone 6?

What’s next for the iPod and iPhone 6?

by Raoul Celdran2015/06/13

Ever since Apple announced the Apple Music — a streaming music service, a series of questions might rise for the future of the iPod, since Apple Music can be no different if used on the iPhone, and other Apple products as well, the new app might be closing down iPod’s era pretty soon. While the iPhone 6 could also have new features due to iOS 9’s new capabilities, same questions may rise for older generation iPhones, whatever that might seem obsolete to the industry could probably be replaced soon, and we will find out as soon as possible.

The era of the iPod closing down

Earlier this week, Apple removed the iconic music player on top of its homepage and is being replaced by Apple Music — the recently introduced music streaming service.

Though iPods today are still in style, but in the near future, iPod based music downloads would no longer have its throne in the industry, and Apple Music would be its replacement. Since the early 2000’s, iPod sales were at its peak until a steady recession happened over the years simultaneously as the iPhone was introduced in the tech industry, as well as iWatches.

People would be able to access almost any reliable apps in their iPhones and iWatches right now, especially with music. Therefore, iPods could be banished completely in the market anytime soon.

iPhone 6 will soon be able to predict on which area you’ll touch on the screen next

iPhones are getting smarter and smarter, a hidden feature in iOS 9 makes your iPhone and other iOS supported devices be able to predict on which area of the screen that you will touch next.

Though, it is not clearly indicated on why this feature exists in the first place, and for what purpose. The feature has been discovered in the iOS Developer Diary which keeps track of every new feature that arrives in iOS.

The ‘touch prediction’ feature was not discussed in detail during the WWDC. However, what Apple might be after is to reduce the users touch latency by being able to predict what the user taps next and will make the device aware of how much it needs to know before updates will possibly be initiated again by the company.

Overall, Apple is studying the user’s iOS device usage and they have a second one coming and that is also to improve the battery life of the devices which will be based on how much usage parameters iPhone and iPad users will have. Considering the growth of the tech industry right now, iOS 9 being the epitome of this capability right now might also make older generation devices be obsolete.

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