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When will Touch ID feature come to Mac?

When will Touch ID feature come to Mac?

by Raoul Celdran2015/06/15

Last 2013, the iPhone 5S presented a widely held Touch ID feature. The technology and knowledge were acquired from AuthenTec which was bought by Apple since 2012 for $365 million. Then during last year’s introduction and release of the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, alongside iPad Air 2 and iPad Mini 3, touch ID was put into use.

As a usual case with Apple products, touch screens have been one of its technology standpoints, the Touch ID is an addition to the company’s portfolio with its attributed high-definition Retina displays.

The next big question mark is? When will the Touch ID be available to Mac?

What is the target market for the Touch ID in Mac?

Considerably, Apple has been one of the biggest and reputable tech giants in the industry, and by no question that their capabilities to integrate a fingerprint sensor go straight to unlock a computer is coming at any time.

For sure and quite soon, the recent and usual infrared and swipe-based unlock will be put to end as soon as this Touch ID will be implemented. Apple’s contribution to the iOS have always been recognized by the market, and the Touch ID to unlock the Mac or your PC will be much appreciated. Generally, there are third-party applications today that accept this feature to login to the PC or to a website, but a one way feature from the Mac itself would totally be a different story, and by far the e-commerce industry will be a big market for this situation for security purposes.

The Apple Pay gains advantage

As soon as mobile payments will be made available in the industry, the fingerprint sensor in the iPhone is a perfect match for a secured payment process concerning biometric security services. Now that Apply Pay is here, with Touch ID as the authentication power for the user to make payments is an indicator that this new feature is becoming intangible. It is not that hard to imagine that on the coming days, the e-commerce markets side will boost with the Touch ID feature using the Mac as well for user authorization.

Overall, Apple has been brilliant in utilizing its devices no only limited to apps, but to authorization as well. Someday Apple will reap its rewards, imagine buying an item through eBay, Amazon, etc. and instead of entering any kind of payment information, you will just have to place your fingerprint for a couple of seconds. Now, this feature is worth waiting for.

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