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Why Tablet Sales Especially iPad is in a Downtrend?

Why Tablet Sales Especially iPad is in a Downtrend?

by Cagan EGE2014/12/19

Tablet Sales Downtrend

Sales figures of iPad are currently in a downtrend because people tend to hold on to their old units instead of upgrading to new ones every two years.

Tablet sales worldwide have plummeted in 2014, according to IDC. The increase in sales will only be 7% compared with 53% last year. Apple will even for the first time experiencing downtrend on  sales over the whole year. IDC expects the iPad sales would fall by 12%. ipad tablet sales figures down

The reason is that tablets – and especially the iPad – has a much longer life cycle than the phones where sales continue to rise. People have merely acquired the tablets they need, and updates only when the device is worn out, and not just because there is a new, slightly faster and thinner ones. Just like you see with computers and even with televisions. Many iPad owners have their units for 3-4 years before switching to a new one. This information  is supported by the fact that some Apple iOS updates keeps the device at least for several years, and do not give clients any particular reason to buy a new device.

The reason for that tablet sales decrease is not that people do not use tablets, but they do not replace them as often.

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