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Wireless charger for iPhone

Wireless charger for iPhone

by Cagan EGE2014/12/12

wireless charger for iPhone

Enjoy wireless charging your iPhone, with smart little new charger that can be stored behind a cover.

It has been for some time to charge iphones wirelessly. The new generation of wireless chargers named as “IQI Wireless Charging” and challenge competitors in the design as well as functionality.

You probably know the situation where the phone is located on the nightstand with cord connected. And when you reach for it to turn off the alarm, you soon forget that the wire is still stuck. It may cause  any unfortunate situations where you may lose your phone or destroy the charger. It his is high time  the IQI chargers entered into the picture.

Wireless Charger and Wireless Receiver for iPhone

The charger consists of a small round device called KoolPuck. Those measures 7 cm in diameter and 11.5 mm in height. KoolPuck’en for  connects to a normal iPhone charger or a computer via a USB cable.

The receiver is the part that is responsible for supplying power to your iPhone. It is designed with a thickness of a few millimeters; the actual recipient is hidden behind the cover.

The large area with IQI logo on it, which “receive power” and a little black flex band at the bottom is the part that is connected to the dock connector on your phone.

How it works

When you want to charge your phone, this is done by just putting the phone down on top of his KoolPuck. Then it is recorded that the phone receiver is near and charging starts. The Koolpuck’en acknowledges with a beep and the small diode changes color from green to blue.

My experience with iphone wireless charger

If you want the regular charger to remain as the primary charging method in the future, you will unfortunately not be able to use its speakers or other features when you use the dock connector, or when connected  to the computer etc. Traditional method  requires in all cases that you make use of alternative methods such as synchronization with iTunes via WiFi and streaming music and video via Airplay and so on.

During my test, I experienced that the device has  never stopped beeping even after  reaching 100% battery. The company behind is however aware of the error. Moreover, we can not turn off the beep sounds manually with a switch. Is the phone completely dead battery, you may end up being awakened at night because it’s loaded up and starts to beep.

Advantages of wireless iphone charger:
– Charging can be done cordlessly.
– The charger and receiver is tiny and discreet.
– It seems no matter what type of cover you use.

– The charger is slower than with a cable directly. (Only 75% speed)
– You can not connect to external devices require the dock connector.
– Prize.
– Beep sound can not be disabled. However, you can order a version that does not beep)



Photos of the charger and the wireless part of the iPhone.

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