12 ways to manage your iPhone storage

  1. Search apps that are taking the most space

In a couple of taps, see which apps are running. To see how, head to Settings>General>Usage, and click Manage Storage. You will then see the apps that are taking the most space from your phone, and it is up to which app you want to let go.


  1. Delete unused apps

As mentioned before, if apps are unused and are not important to you anymore, make sure to delete them.

  1. Choose only your type of music

Be aware of the music that you listen, pretty sure there are some that you just skip by swiping to the next one. Consider using music streaming apps, to not suck up memory while listening to your playlists.

  1. Optimize your phone storage

iOS 8 has a feature that optimizes versions of photos and videos on their iPhones while it uploads the full resolution on their respective iCloud accounts. Just by going to Settings>Photos & camera>Optimize phone storage, it is a memory and a life saver for users.

  1. Delete text messages

People who are the type to keep messages for sentimental reasons, brace yourselves. In iOS 8, you have the choice to either automatically delete read texts after a month or instead staying the same with the auto setting ‘Forever’.

  1. Backup up files, photos, and documents

While most do, the fastest way to make space has always been to back up your files, either by USB cord to your PC or through an online storage like Dropbox, it is up to you where you want to put your files. It is the fastest way to make a lot of space in your phone again.

  1. Do not save both photos when in HDR mode

Enabled High Dynamic Range (HDR) mode helps users take better quality photos, but this mode saves two or more pictures to your phone directly. Go to Settings>Photos & Camera and deselect ‘Keep Normal Photo’ to refrain from doubling up and saving only the high-quality photo.

  1. Delete tinder messages

The app is not the culprit in sucking up your storage, it’s their data that keeps growing every time. To manage this situation, go to Settings>General>Usage>Manage Storage, then click the arrow next to it to view the breakdown of data.

  1. Clear browser search history

Every visited website you may have gone to each time always stacks up in your browser history. You will be surprised by how much memory you can save if you clear them up. Simply go to Settings>Safari> and tap Clear Cookies.

  1. Save Instagram photos only in app, not in your phone storage

It is wise to stop saving Instagram duplicated photos to your phone. Simply go to Settings and make sure to switch off the ‘Save Original Photo’ from the toggle button.

  1. Delete old podcasts

You can also save space by getting rid of podcasts that you already played and save only the podcasts that you haven’t played yet. To do this, open Podcast app, go to Settings>Episodes to Keep> All unplayed.

  1. Stop saving pictures from WhatsApp

If you are using WhatsApp, your phone will automatically save the photos that you receive from messages. By getting rid of this mode, open WhatsApp and go to the Menu Button>Settings>Chat Settings>Media auto-download.