3 expert tips for Safari on iPad


iPad Safari Tips and Tricks

We will show you how to delete browsing history selectively, how to close the iCloud tabs on other devices and how to subscribe to RSS feeds.

The launch of iOS 8 has featured a number of improvements in Safari. Here are three expert tips.

iPad Safari Tips

iPad Safari Tips 1:  How to delete your browsing history selectively in iOS

Since the launch of iOS, it has been possible to delete browsing history in Safari on the iPad. With iOS 8, however, this feature has been improved. Previously we had to choose between delete all or nothing but now we can  delete selectively, or you can just delete the history of the last day or the last hour.

All you have to do is press the little book icon at the top of Safari at the left of the address field. Press History, where you will see a list of recently visited websites.You can delete them all, or, for example, those from the past day by pressing the “Clear” at the bottom. Or you can swipe from right to left on the one hand you want to remove from the history list.

iPad Safari Tips 2: How to close iCloud tabs on other devices

One of the cool things about iCloud is that you can see what websites you have open on your other devices. This makes it easy to switch between different devices without finding a particular website manually. Another advantage is that through one device you can shut down a website on another device, provided that they are logged in with the same iCloud.

This means that when sitting with your iPad in hand in the living room, you can close the website down on your iPhone located in the kitchen. Quite handy if you have borrowed your device and  forgot to close some open websites. It all takes place virtually in real time.

Press the hand icon in Safari at the upper right corner. It brings to the overview of the open side of the device – and on one other device. By swipe left on one of the open iCloud tabs on another device, you can close it. However, only if the device is running iOS 8 or OS X Yosemite.

iPad Safari Tips 3: How to subscribe to RSS feeds in Safari

A new option in Safari in iOS 8 is that you can subscribe to RSS feeds directly in Safari.

Press book icon at the top of Safari and then select @ showing your shared references. Press the “Subscriptions” at the bottom and then “Add current site”.After this RSS feed included, alongside the social media you follow.