3D flight in Apple Map


Tip: How to get a 3D flight in Map

Let iPhone take you on a virtual tour of the world’s great cities. 3D Flyover-tour takes you close to the attractions.

iOS 8 has in Maps app built in a feature called “3D Flyover tour”. It delivers a virtual flight over a city and get around to all the sights. The function is unfortunately only implemented for 40 of the world’s largest cities like New York, London, Sydney, etc.

There is no Danish cities on the list and, for example Berlin also conspicuous by its absence. In turn, Cologne and Stockholm. In other words, no real system of things, you just have to try them. Is this available to a city, you will be made aware of it in Maps.3d flyover tour

How to get a 3D flight in Map

1. Open Map

2. Search of a city, such as Sydney.

3. Just below the search box now reads “3D Flyover-tour of Sydney”. Press Start.

4. Now you get a tour of Sydney sights. You may at any time even zoom in and out and rotate synsviklen that you want.

Of course this is mostly for fun, but the tour gives an excellent picture of reality, not least how the different sights are compared itl each other.