8 must-have apps for free today


best iphone apps for free or cheap

These apps are the latest stream of free apps for a limited time.

To note, these apps might go back to their normal price anytime soon. So grab them now!

SunUp Alarm

Priced at $0.99

The SunUp app is basically made to simplify your alarm clock, it lets you set them in just a couple of seconds.

The app has a simple and flat user interface design, and is pleasant and easy for users to interact with. Be aware, this app only works properly when your phone is not on silent mode.


  • Set the time by simply swiping over the screen.
  • Set the minutes by dragging the centered circle.
  • Swap AM and PM by tapping the word.
  • Tap the centered circle to activate the alarm.
  • Use the timer on the bottom right portion of the screen to set relative alarms, say for example ‘in 10 minutes’.
  • Tap to snooze or swipe down to stop the alarm.
  • Snooze directly from the lock screen by just swiping across, and it works only on iOS 8.
  • A swipe from the left edge to reveal menu, otherwise swipe from the right edge to close it.
  • Has optional night mode.
  • 12 or 24 hour interface.
  • Set timers from the Apple Watch.

Blurred Wallpapers

Priced at $1.99

You can now customize your stylish wallpapers with just a few easy swipes. The app is designed to create an artistic home/lock screen, and no one will ever have the same wallpapers again.


  • Adjust color by using the slider to pick the color of your choice.
  • A variety of patterns to choose from to add flare to the wallpaper.
  • Use your own photo or take your own picture to use as the basis of your wallpaper.
  • Shareable though email and social media sites, such as Facebook, Twitter etc.

Try it out now!


Priced at $0.99

The Podbox is a user-friendly and fast podcast player.


  • Access to search and subscribe to thousands of podcasts.
  • Download podcasts.
  • Download unnecessary to stream podcast.
  • Well organized playlists displaying date, priority etc.
  • Optimal and fast refresh and download.
  • Able to pause and resume downloads.
  • Automatically cleans up old episodes and keeps the most recent.
  • Shareable through text, email, Facebook, Twitter, and Weibo.
  • Plays both audio and video.
  • Continuous playback.
  • 50x up to 2.0x playback speed.
  • Gesture support to control player.
  • Swipe right to skip forward through media, and swipe left otherwise.
  • Double tap to play/pause.
  • Double tap with two fingers for next track.
  • Supports remote control through headphones.
  • Lock screen controls.
  • Sleep timer.

Free Music

Priced at $2.99

This app has access to a portal of unlimited music.

Search a song of your choice and stream them to any of the trio — iPhone, iPod, or iPad.

Worthy to mention that the app as well can access live concerts.


  • Supports iOS 8, iPhone 6, 6 plus.
  • Single tap to stream music.
  • Accurate search results for artist, songs, DJ’s, and remixes.
  • iPod-like playlists.
  • Has equalizer and bass booster effects.
  • Lock screen control for playback.

Contact Picture Sync for WhatsApp

Priced at $2.99

This app is essentially useful for WhatsApp users.

The app is responsible for syncing your contacts profile photo to your WhatsApp messenger.

You will never be mistaking someone you know as an unknown caller. You can sync all your contacts by just a single tap. Not only is the app limited to syncing with WhatsApp, but it is also available for syncing with your computer and Mac.


Priced at $0.99

A magnifying glass. You heard it right!

Lumin, an electronic magnifying glass for the iPhone or iPod. The app has the ability to magnify items, and it also keeps history of images that you just magnified. The images is also shareable through email, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

The app has its own responsibility in controlling the flash to magnify dark and shady places.


  • Has a high-resolution reading glasses for the iPhone.
  • An ability to lock magnified image.
  • Quick-capture camera.
  • Quick access to share to email, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Incidentally, the camera flash or torch is limited to iPhone 4 and 4S use only.

Facy News

Priced at $0.99

The Facy News app makes your liked pages update you of news articles even better this time.

The app is solely made for your liked pages, and fetches statuses as regular RSS feeds to show you updates about them, like it’s featured as a newsfeed. The app can also sync through your devices by using your Dropbox account.

If you are still interested in reading the original articles, you can share it not limited only to Facebook, but has an embedded special readable function to see websites which has no mobile layout.

Downhill Supreme

Priced at $0.99

Never lose balance and keep your motorcycle running!

Downhill Supreme is an addictive thrilling game. Hurry and check out their amazing giveaways in Facebook page.


  • 88 downhill tracks.
  • Enjoy its realistic game physics.