7 ways the Apple iWatch can be more useful than we think


The new Apple watch is getting a lot of attention in the market today. The watch is getting a much-needed update to keep up with the barrage of apps that are waiting in line for it. Since earlier this week’s WWDC, Apple discussed the watch’s latest update, which is the watchOS 2, the first major update for the smartwatch.

Documented in the Apple’s press release info, watchOS 2 enables developers to build apps that will run originally from the app without being dependent to third-party applications. Among the apps that are added to the watch are Digital Crown, Taptic Engine, and heart rate sensor. The update will be available to all Apple watch owners this fall.

The watchOS 2 will be available in the fall with iOS 9 Software Development Kit (SDK) beta for the developers. The update as well will bring new watch faces, capability to incorporate third-party information, new capabilities for Mail, Friends and other apps for communication purposes. Presented here are few ways that this update will do for the better.

  1. Developers can build more useful apps

Developers have already and are still making lots of apps for the Apple Watch, but the watchOS 2 update will make developers be able to access the Digital Crown, Taptic Engine, accelerometer, heart rate sensor, and microphone. Also, new software APIs enable them to use audio video playback and animation. And the main thing is that the apps that the developers are making will run natively from the watch itself, instead of being depending to a third-party device, such as the iPhone.

  1. New apps contribute much more pleasant watch faces

The Clock kit framework enables developers to be more creative and represent their apps as watch faces. Watch faces shown as complications, small pieces, pieces of information on the watch screen and app users will be able to see the information they would like to see on the watch face.

  1. Capability to send SMS or call

The watch is capable of communicating, as reported by Darrell Etherington of TechCrunch that third-party apps for the watch is capable of directly dialing phone numbers and send text messages as well. Users will be able to call their favorite grocery, restaurant, or bar to inquire for their menu, and even share a content from the media app to a friend. Overall, the watch is enough to use for communication purposes without the iPhone.

  1. More ways to communicate

Users can do a lot more with just sending text messages. Users can send messages using dictation, emoji’s, and Smart Replies. Ability to create Friends screens which can hold 12 friends for the clock. Digital Touch is also updated, users can draw and send drawings to their friends.

All in all, users will capable of replying to notifications from third-party apps, the watch can be more flexible even in communication.

  1. Ability to record audio and video playing

The watch can be used as a recording device, using the built-in microphone from the user’s wrist. The watch is also capable of playing short video clips just as watching breaking news or other short video clips that will be made available for the watch.

  1. Apps get updated at all times

The Apple watch will be treated just as any other Apple product, to be kept updated at all times and the watch will be a reliable device just as any of them.

  1. Bits of improvements makes the watch more profound

A new Time Travel feature presents the Digital Crown to explore events from the past and the future, including appointments, activities, and weather forecast for the next week or so, and other information from third-party apps.


Who knows? Siri could be made available to the watch as well, to make it more proactive to the users.