Apple Map application against google map


Apple Map Application

Apple is seeking to improve its Map application and make it a better alternative to the Google Map. The company has two newly discovered patents and has shared their mapping plans for the future of iOS. These plans fall into the ‘Find My Friends’ app, a default map system application in iOS 9.

The two patents were discovered by Apple Insider and were published Thursday after it was filed in December of 2013. Both applications are capable of sharing and locating information between iOS devices, which pinpoints the exact location of the person even when inside a building.


Customization Location Notification

The first patent is the ‘Customization Location Notification’. To be precise, users will be able to share their current location with friends, family, and other acquaintances. The user will then be able to send a detailed information via text or email to the recipient when the location conditions are completely met, it will show the user is in the landmark and how long it will take to get there.

The recipient will also have access to knowing the shortest path to meet his or her contact, since the information will also be provided in the message that has been received from the sender.

The app uses a geofencing technology, it means that the iPhone runs an algorithm that interprets the user’s location anytime, anywhere, which will serve as a guide to input the data in the notification based on its presets.

Considerably, it is easier to track your friends outdoors by using GPS and other means possible to acquire the user’s location. Now, Apple is looking for ways to track people inside buildings as well.


Indoor Remote Triggered Location Scanning

The second patent mentioned is the ‘Indoor Remote Triggered Location Scanning’, which lets Apple locate an iPhone user inside a building without even using it via notification-based anymore, of course with the help of the preset nodes that detects the location of the device.

The Indoor Remote Location Scanner uses signal strength to locate a device. The signal evaluates the situation using triangulation in which it uses three nodes that determines the approximate distance of the device.

The technology is very interesting and might be very useful to the industry in the future. But, nobody knows for sure if Apple will deploy this kind of system in the long run.