Backup your iPhone into PC with Itunes



Backup your iPhone



For many people, the iPhone is the most important device in their lives. It would be a disaster if you get to loose your data stored in your iphone as a result of a broken or stolen phone. Therefore, make sure that you make an iPhone backup timely .

iPhone backup

An iPhone backup is very simple, so that you have  more reason to do it regularly no.  ADN explains how you should make  such backup. Please  follow these steps:

  1. Connect your iPhone to your computer.
  2. Start iTunes.
  3. Click the top right on your iPhone icon  in iTunes.
  4. Then tab Overview and  under Backup button tick Automatically backup on this computer.


Every time you connect your iPhone to your computer, iTunes will automatically create a backup. Only the first time lasts that long: iTunes will then get  the only information changed on the iPhone compared to those on the computer and only update the differences.

You can also store important information in iCloud: check the ‘Automatically backup to iCloud “option under ‘Backup’ . Because you only have 5GB of storage in iCloud standard, we suggest rather an iPhone backup to the computer through the  described method explained above, so that you always have your information in two places.