BioShock game for iPad and iPhone


The popular and excellent game BioShock from 2007 comes with a new version for iPad and iPhone.

2K Games‘ first shooting game BioShock is now available for the iPad and iPhone. The game is a full version of the original BioShock game from 2007.

For iphone and ipad you can download BioShock game here:

The game takes place in 1960, where you control a survivor of a plane crash. He is trapped in the underwater city of Rapture, and this is simply to fight their way out. Along the way you come across enemies, weapons and so on.

BioShock is one of the best shooting games ever, and it is the fancy of iOS. The management, however, is a little bit challenging due to the lack of physical buttons. It requires a newer unit to be installed: iPhone 5 or later and fourth generation iPad or later.

The game can be downloaded in the App Store