Circle the dot online game



Circle the dot little puzzle game is hard  to overcome without luck.


Circle the Dot is one of those small puzzle game you get so annoyed that you just have to try again when you die. The rules are simple, as the name says; one must encircle a dot on a game board. Prick is blue while the employee puts some orange dots. It sounds easy, but every time you put a dot, move the blue dot a field in an attempt to escape. This makes it extremely difficult to win. In most cases, it is impossible, because you simply can not manage to shut down before the dot has reached the edge of the board.

So it is about equal parts luck and strategy. You have to be lucky to get served a board that can go up, and good enough to know and utilize it. It quickly becomes addictive as you the first many times thinking: “It must be feasible.” It can also. My personal record after ten games is 18. Replace started!

It should be noted that no one should encircle the blue dot. You have to encircle it so it can not move anymore.

Circle the Dot can be retrieved free in app Store (link).

Circle the dot game