Flipkart-Online Shopping App


Flipkart iOS is an e-commerce application for the indian shopaholics . The app provides a fast and convenient shopping experience .


The Flipkart app is available for all android, windows and IOS devices . The Flipkart mobile application is very easy to use with its user friendly interface and faster responses . The Flipkart mobile application is very responsive when it comes to its screen layouts and designs. The application adjusts perfectly with all the devices with respect to the screen size of the devices . The mobile application interface is very friendly that it will allow users to select a particular product and buy it instantly . The application doesn’t have much heavy graphics and animations thus providing a lag free browsing even in slower internet connections which is must feature in e-commerce mobile applications . The users can move around the pages and products with easy swiping . To view a product the user just have to tap on the icon of a particular product and the application will redirect to the product details page . With the sliding menu provided in the application the users can easily access the products via Shop by department.


The application also has an OFFER ZONE section which gives the information about all the products which have any discount offer to it .


The application also has a barcode scanner built in feature within the application . It lets the users to determine the price of any particular product from the application .


The Flipkart mobile application also provides all the features which the Flipkart website offers including secure payment options, delivery tracking system, product rate and review, share the product detail link in social networking sites and filter and search .The product search in the application can be done via text search , voice input search and barcode search .The application also has an offline mode . In the offline mode the users can access the recently viewed product and details about the product including the products related to it .

App Store link : https://itunes.apple.com/in/app/flipkart-online-shopping-app/id742044692?mt=8