Galaxy Note-7 fires to be explained soon


Samsung will explain the cause of all the Galaxy Note 7 scandal in details before the end of year



Samsung has been quiet for long after the whole Galaxy Note 7 scandal. It was one of the very most spectacular recalls of consumer electronics in recent years.

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Since Samsung in October completely stopped the sale of the Galaxy Note 7 there have been no official explanation about what was causing those battery explosions. However, it has long been that Samsung would offer an explanation and this explanation should come before the end of this year 2016.

Samsung has long worked under high pressure to find out what the cause of the above-mentioned fires was.

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“Based on our studies, we found that there was a problem with the battery cell. Battery cell is overheated when the anode (the positive pole, ed.) contacts with the cathode (the negative pole, ed.). That is a very rare error in the manufacturing process.” That was the first explanation from Samsung  for recalled Galaxy Note 7 smartphones.

In accordance with the current studies on Galaxy note-7 explosions, it is still uncertain whether these explanations from the company are true or not.

We will keep you updated when Samsung is ready once again to declare the results of their investigations.