20 hidden features from the iOS 9


The most anticipated iOS 9 will have hidden features in the iPhone 6S and the iPhone 6S plus. Apple has revealed many major updates that the iOS 9 will bring towards their smartphone at its recent WWDC event.

TechnoBuffalo reports that there are plenty of new additions to the iOS 9 that weren’t discussed in the WWDC. The YouTube video below shows a few features that iOS 9 users are not expecting to see, such as the iCloud Drive app which is not shown on the home screen, a battery widget for the Notification Center, and some changes in the keyboard.

Here are 20 different hidden features of the iOS 9 which was revealed by the first 2 beta versions:

  1. A new back button

iOS 9 will have a back button to go back to your previously used app on the upper-left hand corner screen.

  1. Improved iCloud access

The app doesn’t show up on the home screen, unless you set them up on your iPhone’s settings and toggle it so it will be visible on the home screen.

  1. Mail app improvements

The app will be able to access files directly from the iCloud for attaching purposes. You will also be able to send as many photos as you want, but only 5 at a time.

  1. Updates to the Photos app

A new thumbnail strip, and a new way to navigate through your photos. The app also has a ShareSheet, and you can hide the photos that you don’t want to disclose.

  1. Keyboard upgrades

Apple made a simple fix to the shift button that confused a lot of users. Now, when tapping shift, all the letters on the keyboard will turn to uppercase, otherwise all is in lowercase. Plus, a separate section for emojis.

  1. New battery control modes

The battery controls will have a new mode called the “Low Power Mode” that will an hour extra battery life. The Notification Center will show a new battery widget that shows how much battery life is left on both your iPhone and your paired Apple Watch.

  1. Updated Siri

Some minor updates for the Siri, you can mute it along with muting your phone’s volume, otherwise your phone will vibrate as an indicator that Siri is ready when you activate the personal assistant again.

  1. Search improvements

The search function has been newly improved in the iOS 9 beta 2, which presents a wider range of results from your search queries. Also, in the Search settings, it will show a list of installed apps with a toggle option for turning it on or off.

  1. Faster access to Apple Pay

A faster way to access Apple Pay from a new Wallet app. Simply by just double tapping the home button from the lock screen to access the payment app.

  1. New default apps

The new Find my Friends, and Find My iPhone app, the two new default apps will be having a widget on the Notification Center.

  1. Better phone security

The new operating system will provide more passcode options, the user will be able to choose from a four-digit, six-digit, or a custom alphanumeric code.

  1. New video player controls

On video recording, there is now a toggle for both flash on and off. Although, the toggle for the flash will only be available when the video recording has started. There will also be frame rates, from 720p at 30fps up to 1080p at 60fps.

  1. Updated Podcasts

The app has been changed and it now has a Mini player, just like the Apple Music. The layout has been refurbished as well.

  1. New features of the Health app

The Health app will have a “Reproductive Health Section” that will track basal body temperature, cervical mucus quality, menstruation, ovulation test and results, sexual activity, and spotting.

  1. Safari upgrades

The browser will have a new section for content blockers. You will also be able to request a desktop version of the site from the share sheet, and an iBooks extension as well for downloading a PDF version of the webpage.

  1. Handoff and Continuity updates

Handoff will now be displayed in the App Switcher screen in the latest beta of iOS 9, while in the first one, Handoff wasn’t available in the App Switcher. Continuity will allow users to pick up their calls on their iPad, Mac, and even if their iPhone is at home with the use of mobile data.

  1. A new voice control user interface

If you don’t use Siri, don’t worry. You can access the Voice Control by holding down the home button and the operating system gains a new interface for Dictation.

  1. Better upgrades

Your iPhone will temporarily delete apps if you only have a few storage left, it will reinstall the apps just after the updates have been completed.

  1. Additional Setting upgrades

When you need something from the settings, you don’t have to scroll all over the screen. iOS 9 is now capable of grouping your notifications by app, an option that can be turned on or off from the Settings.


  1. Miscellaneous updates

iPhone 6 users will be able to see contact photos in their messages, which was supposedly available on the iPhone 6 Plus. The menus will have rounded corners, the mute switch will act as a lock rotation switch interface.