How to activate screen mirroring with the older version of ipads


Jailbreak: Enable screen mirroring on the old iPad

Do you have an iPad 1 and miss the opportunity screen mirroring as you can with the iPad 2, so read here. Via a simple hack, you can namely turn on the screen mirroring feature of old iPad.

As most people probably know, one of the new things about the iPad 2 is that you can mirror the screen of ipad to a connected monitor or TV via Apple digital AV adapter. On the original iPad, you can not mirror the screen.IIEnable screen mirroring on the old iPadIf you have a jailbroken iPad and installed SSH this is the procedure:

– Go to the system / library / core services /

– Transfer the file K48AP.plist to your computer.

– Add a command called “display-mirroring” and set the value to YES.

– Transfer the file to iPad again.

That is all. You can now mirror the iPad screen on a connected TV through Apple’s digital AV adapter or the older VGA adapter .