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How to change iphone name

When you first open and activate your iPhone, you need to determine for an iphone name. Don’t worry it doesnt need to be stay same in the future. ¬†You can easily change the iphone name later whenever you want. See how you can do it below.
learn how you can change your iphones name

When you first open the box ,activate and install iPhone, you need to give it a name. But it does not mean that from now on it is fixed and you can not change it later on.

Below you may find how you can easily change the name of your iPhone. The tip for “how to change iphone name” can also be used to change the iPad name.

How to change the name of your iPhone

1. Open Settings> General> About.

2. Press the “Name” at the top.

3. Write the iPhone’s new name and press “OK”.

That’s all.

iPhone has now been renamed. The name is used among other things as the name of the network, if you use tethering on the iPhone, and will also appear in the iTunes source list.