How to convert sim to micro sim


Guide: Convert your Sim to Mikro Sim

This is a guide on how to convert an ordinary mini sim to mikro sim card:


Relatively simple.


A half hour.


There is obviously a risk by cutting ones sim to micro sim. I would therefore stress that it is your responsibility if you choose to follow the guidelines. can not be held liable for any damages ..

If you encounter problems along the way, please write a comment, there maybe someone to  help.


Before you begin, you must have the following tools ready:

Scissors, kitchen knife, nail file, pen and a mini sim card and supplied micro sim card. If it does not include a microsim with your iPad, you can use the template shown in the following image’s left side.


Below you can see apparently the difference between mini and microsim card. There are a few extra copper-colored lines on mini sim card, but as can be seen, the center lines of minisim card are  identical to microsim card. The top and bottom lines are missing on microsim card but they are not vital for  microsim card to function. When minisim card clipped to the size of the micro sim card these lines will be cut also but will not harm it’s functionality.


Cut Sim to Micro Sim Step by step

1. Place microsim on minisim so that the lines on the contacts are exactly match  in the horizontal plane (see picture below).


2. Use kitchen knife to mark the line to be removed from mini sim card. Make sure that you are a little conservative in your selection so that you do not remove too much of mini sim card. Let it rather be a little too big to start with.


3. Now use the scissors to cut off the excess plastic (and the top contacts) of mini sim card. As mentioned in the section2. You should be careful that you do not cut too much at this stage.


4. Mini sim card should now look like this:


5. You must now cut the opposite side of the sim card. Use the pen to draw using lines in continuation of mini sim card lines. These guides help you align micro sim card exactly on top of mini sim card so that you do not cut wrong edges.

6. Micro Sim card is placed back on mini Sim card. Here are the auxiliary lines in order that  microsim card is not placed crooked.


7. Para. 2 and 3 are repeated now: Mark with the knife and cut with scissors.

8. Mini Sim card should now look like the following (note how the top and bottom of the blue minisim card is still slightly larger than the yellow micro Sim card. This will be addressed later):


9. After correcting edges,  minisim card to microcard process ia almost done. The procedure is the same as in section.2. and 3. Note how micro Sim card is accurately located on mini sim card lines.


10. The  four edges should be paired carefully. The result is:


11. The upper left corner is now removed. You can just use the kitchen knife and just cut the corner piece off. Again, please be careful and do not cut too much.


12. Nail file is now used to grind the customized mini sim, so it will have exactly the same size as micro Sim card.


Make sure that the SIM card is firmly fitted.

13. Insert your customized SIM card and turn on the iPad. You will be asked to enter the PIN to the Sim card (if PIN on).


Hope this was helpful to you…