How to extend iphone 5 battery life on iOS 7


iOS 7:  extend battery life of your iphone 5

iOS 7 is superb, but it draws your battery a lot faster than previous ones. So here you may find 5 tips to extend your  iphone 5 battery life on iOS 7.

If you’re not close to a power outlet all day, you want to prevent your iPhone which  is already empty halfway through the day. Please read these tips!

1. Disable depth effect on homescreen to prolong battery life

It would not have escaped your notice: the depth on your homescreen. It seems very nice that your iPhone looks like a diorama, but it is not quite functional,  and not good for your iphone battery life. To disable this feature, go to “general”> “accessibility”, and turn your ‘reduce movement’ on.

reduce movement to extend your battery life

2. Disable AirDrop

AirDrop is a good app for your iPhone: finally you can easily send files to other iOS devices. Is it really functional  for the time being, however, if not, turn the feature off. Thus  you may prevent  AirDrop to  continually search for other devices to send files to it. To turn off AirDrop open the control panel and tap twice on AirDrop.



3. Disable app updates in the background

Since iOS 7, you do not have to worry about app updates, because you can let your iPhone do that updates automatically . It will, however, drain your battery much faster. So if you do not mind to check for updates yourself, you can disable the feature. Go into Settings> iTunes and App Store, and check ‘updates’ “off”.


4. Turn the 4G off

Since iOS 7 it  is  possible to use 4G. The internet is very fast, and your battery drains  faster. If you want to avoid this, turn off 4G and open it just when you actually need. To do that  Go to ‘Settings’> ‘mobile network’, and check ‘link 4G in’ out!


5. Disable apps refresh in background

Another nice new feature is that apps can reload in the background so no need to wait until your items are put in rows. However, the time you have to wait is negligible, so unless you really do not have patience, it is better to get this function “off”.  To do this Go to ‘Settings’>’ General ‘>’ refresh apps in background “and turn off the feature.

iOS-7-App-Refresh background