How to extend iPhone battery life


 iPhone battery life

You obviously want your iPhone battery to stand at least till the end of the day picks, but if you really intensively use  it you sometimes fail to get this. Please follow the instructions given below to extend your iPhone battery life.

Each new generation smartphone is affected by the quickly depleted batteries. This makes sense because there is a demand for thinner devices, however, the exact duration of battery life depends on how intensively the device being used.

But why would you buy a smartphone if dont use that battery draining applications? But dont worry,we have some tips to extend battery life of your beloved IPhone.


How to extend iPhone battery life through software updates

Always make sure that the device is running the latest software. A lot of problems that are reported to Apple, related with  the battery. Most of these problems were related with software and resolved within this aspect. There are many solutions presented by the updates.

If an iphone hasnt been updated for months, it is more prone to that kind of battery malfunctions and short battery life than the same device when  updated with the  the latest version of software.

It is easy to keep up to date by connecting the iphone to iTunes or manually do it  regularly by: Settings,  General , and then go to Software Update .

Extend iPhone battery life through by screen lock

It goes without saying, but locking the device when it is  not in use, can have a positive impact on the battery life. Briefly press the on off switch on top of the unit, and your iPhone is locked.

iPhone battery life could be extended by settings

Most of the gains can be achieved by keeping an eye on the settings of different functions. Some settings can have a major impact on the battery life of an iPhone.


Reducing mail traffic is probably the best tip to achieve a longer battery life. It can be set how often to check for new e-mails. This can be every fifteen minutes, half hour, hour or manually put.

In manual option  it will be searching for new messages only when app is started or manually refreshed. Note that some other apps are also using  this feature.

Some e-mail accounts use Push function which pushes the mail from the servers like Yahoo!, MobileMe and Microsoft Exchange to the device. As soon as you have a new message it is usually pushed to your device and with the most options you see the abstract on the locked screen or main screen. It is better to go off with the push option in order to get longer battery life.

Caution! When the function is off Push and Fetch is on Find My iPhone feature of Mobile Me is out of order but the same feature of iCloud will continue to work.

Push Notifications

Push notifications is  the function which  gives apps information to the user even when the app is not active.  This could be a message from a chat program or game for example.

Every app that uses Push notifications will ask permission on first use and then it  may push messages. Allow it only to with  the most necessary apps. Many games use this service to include promotions and other advertising messages to pass.

Bringing push notifications to a minimum level  or turn off completely can extend the battery life significantly. Push settings are easy to adjust.

Location Services

Location Services are being used by a lot of apps. Some apps do not work (properly) without this feature, like maps or navigation apps. Other apps will have only minor effects just like a picture program will work but wont show the exact place that the photo has been taken.

To turn Location Services off when not needed, can extended the battery life.

Network Settings

When the  Internet signal is weak and no big data transfer is needed, it is better to to go with the current data plan and turn off the wifi option. This can be done via Settings , Wi-Fi .

When there are just a lot of use of the Internet, and there is strong access to a WiFi network, is it better to connect to a WiFi network and turn off the  3G functionality. Internet via Wi-Fi is better for the battery than using the data plan.

The user at home and at work (or school) has access to wifi so it is better to turn off the data plan 3G at home and school or work.



Bluetooth can be used for different purposes. This function is mainly used for connecting accessories and apps to communicate with other nearby devices

However, this function is called bad for the battery. So turn it off when it is not or hardly used.


The screen brightness is adjustable. You can set the strength of the light on your screen.The brighter the light, the brighter the screen, but the faster the battery is empty.

Adjust brightness through Settings, Brightness. Adjust automatically option can do it automatically thus it will be adjusted according to the light that falls on the screen. In bright light, the brightness will go up, and in dim light,the brightness will go down.


According to the Apple’s website,temperature is also very important for the battery. Try  to keep the unit always between 0 and 35 degrees Celsius.  It is better to to keep the device around  22 degrees.


As with most rechargeable lithium ion batteries, it is wise to charge it fully and then completely deflate. Of course, not every time, but Apple recommends doing it in order to ‘let the electrodes in the battery in motion from time to time “. To do this once a month seems reasonable.

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