How to transfer from old ipad to new ipad


Tip: To transfer data from your old iPad to your new


Here we show how to transfer your original settings, apps and the rest of your data from your old iPad to your new generation iPad 2.

transfer data from your old iPad to your new

When  you upgrade from the old iPad to a new generation iPad 2, of course your data from the old device has to be transferred to the new one. Thanks to iTunes it is completely painless to copy all of your old data. Here are the instructions show how to transfer your backup to a new ipad:

1) Connect your old iPad to your computer and open iTunes

2) Right-click on the device in the left side. In the menu that appears, do the following three things in sequence: Synchronizes, Transferring purchases and eventually takes you back.

3) When it is in place, disconnect your old iPad from the new to.

4) If you have not already registered, you will be prompted to do so now. iTunes will ask your whether you want to set it up as a new iPad, or restore from backup. You must choose the latter, and select the backup you just made.

5) When the restoration is complete, the iPad reboot and when iTunes detects it again, it will begin to sync the apps, music, etc. as the old iPad had, over to the new one.

6) After a lot of waiting, depending on how much content you had on the old, your new iPad 2 ready to use with all of your old content and settings.