How to transfer images from a digital camera to the iPad


Send images from a camera to iPad via Apple iPad Camera Connection Kit

We will show you how it is very simple to transfer your images directly from a digital camera or SD card to the iPad.

We have described before how to transfer pictures from your computer to iPad , but there is also a more direct opportunity to transfer images from the camera to the iPad, namely the direct route from digital camera to iPad.

We will tell how to do it  in this article:

In order to even get started, you need to acquire a piece of accessories for iPad. It’s called ” Apple iPad Camera Connection Kit “and can be purchased at the Apple Store or Apple resellers.

iPad Camera Kit consists of two different pieces of accessories. They both have a dock connector on one end and a USB and respectively an SD slot at the other end. USB connector means you can connect any digital camera if you have the right cable, which is the same as you would use when connecting to a computer. SD slot use, of course, only SD memory cards.

Once you have purchased this kit, you are ready to go.

Step 1

Connect the camera or SD card with the iPad. Photo app will automatically open and display a list of all the pictures stored on the camera or SD card.

Step 2

Choose import all or select the images to be imported and press the Import Selected.

Step 3

When the import is finished, which can take some time, you are asked if you want to delete the files on the camera / chorus, or keep them. Choose what you want. The pictures are available on the iPad in the full resolution (even if they are in RAW format of the camera). There is no quality lost by importing  them from your camera when compared to import them to the iPad from the computer.

Step 4

Take the camera kit out again.

Another thing is that you can use the iPad as a warehouse if your SD card is out of place. Last but not least, you can use the iPad as a backup for the same SD card.