How to watch flash videos on ipad


Tip: See Flash video on the iPad

Most websites that offer Flash video have gradually understood that they must also allow bypassing Flash. However, there may be a need to view a Flash video in an array of devices.

Most (serious) websites with Flash-based video players have soon got the point: If they want these videos to be visible to iOS users, then they need to offer an HTML5-based player. A few websites have not understood it, which also shows that they have not read the vision widely. Choosing wrong technologies for your website would disturb your visitors and seriously harm your revenues and user experiences. Just like the old days where you could end up on a site where there just read that you did not use Internet Explorer, and therefore was not allowed to see the contents.

flash videos on ipad

If you need to watch video on a page that does not offer anything other than Flash, there are several options anyway. The first is to purchase a browser for iPad that supports Flash.

Buy a third party browser to watch flash videos on iPad

Skyfire is an example of this. It has now reached version 3, and Flash support is getting better and better.  Another browser for the iPad with Flash support is iSwifter, which can be downloaded free. You will be asked if you want to support the development through an in-app purchase. In addition, you can buy various smaller games in the app.

By smart bookmark to watch flash videos on iPad

Another possibility is that through a special bookmark in Safari, you can access certain Flash videos. There is no question that the function can transform Flash to HTML5, but simply that it provides access to the raw video without the Flash player base.