How to watch Netflix in your iOS devices or Apple TV from any country


how to watch netflix on apple devices

Plan to travel outside of U.S. and you couldn’t watch thousand of movies and TV shows via Netflix on your iPhone and iPad because it is blocked? We found best solution we can help. In the below, we will show you how it works.  UnoDNS is great service that allows you to watch Netflix movies and TV shows through your device, no matter the country you are in. It will give you 8-day free trial to allow you test the service to see if you like it. You can view their different services and payment prices.

What You’ll Need

  • A U.S iTunes Store account (free)
  • NetFlix account ($8 per month)
  • A valid credit card
  • An UnoDNS account (from $5 per month)

Source: UnoTelly