7 iPhone apps on sale or free today


A few apps have been on sale for free since the WWDC, now here are another awesome few that are on sale for free today. Nobody knows when they will come back to their normal prices, but they are on sale for a limited time.


Priced at $1.99

The Daybreak app is designed to reduce planning time, and make it easier for the user.

It is a very smart reminder that it sets its own time for your tasks so that you will never have to set a schedule again. It learns your schedule and habits to make decisions based on what you do.


  • It learns your typical schedule, and it will set reminders accustomed to it.
  • Self-scheduling alarms at the right time based on your habits.
  • Also has manual-scheduling, you can set custom reminders easily.
  • Automatically changes themes by the time of day, which gives you a good scheduling experience.
  • Creates history of completed tasks, it makes it easier to reschedule them again.
  • Has a daily reminder, which schedules repeated tasks day by day.

Data Widget

Priced at $1.99

Good news! It supports Apple Watch now.

It is the first iOS data widget, and a single swipe is all it takes to view your data usage.

It has a very creative and neat design, which shows time and data into one simple diagram. Everything is presented to you in just one glance.


  • Compatible with any carrier network.
  • A real-time monitoring history.
  • No consumption data, no GPS, and no ads.

Followers for Instagram

Priced at $0.99

The app is the best marketing tool for both the iPhone and the iPad, it helps you keep track of your Instagram analytics.

The app organizes your account into different sections, which presents your information in an itemized manner. The app shows your publications, liked photos, and also your follower’s information.


  • Shows number of likes received.
  • Your most liked photos.
  • Average number likes and comments.
  • Chart for daily new and lost followers.
  • Followers in your community.
  • Helps you track users that don’t follow back.
  • You can also follow and unfollow users.
  • Shows which posts has the most likes and comments.

The Followers for Instagram app can help you interact better with your community that have a mutual interest in you.


Priced at $0.99

Rotate is a very addicting game. Your task is to make shapes that match their inversion. It gets harder every 6 levels of the game.

What are you waiting for? Try it out now!


  • Challenging gameplay
  • Game Center support
  • Optimized retina display
  • Supports 3.5”, 4”, 4.7” and up to 5.5” inch phone screens.
  • Plays original soundtrack

To note — the game requires iPhone 4, iPod touch 4G, but iPhone 4S and iPhone 5G is recommended which is running on iOS 6 and higher.

CleanUp Suite

Priced at $0.99

So far, this app has a reputation of keeping your phonebook clean and neat looking.

The app has three very important functions to take note of, it gets rid of duplicate and unwanted contacts, and it is accompanied by a back-up tool as well, the app is the whole package for sure.


  • Removes duplicate contacts
  • Back-up and restore capability
  • Removes contact list in bulk
  • Manually merges contact list
  • All-in-one tool for accessibility
  • Well organized user interface

CleanUp Suite will maintain the cleanliness of your phonebook. Get it now!


Priced at $0.99

Are you musically inclined? Are you ready to make some music on the go? Get this app now!

ScratchTones is a multitrack recording studio for creating ringtones.

As the app is as simple with just a few taps, you’ll then be able to make your first track. You can adjust volumes and knobs on the mixer board, and you can change the master volume and special effects, such as reverb and EQ can be used in your final mix. Also, you can re-record or remix your tracks anytime.

ScratchTones is an ideal tool for music producers that are on the go.


  • 4 decks recording studio
  • Mixer boards with individual track mutes, volume adjustment, master volume, reverb, and equalization
  • Unlimited song length capabilities
  • A “My ScratchTones” view to search, review, play, and trim previously recorded ringtones
  • Supports Apogee Jam and MiC interfaces on versions of iPhone and iPad devices.


Priced at $2.99

This app is normally priced at $2.99 and is now free for a limited time. The offer is great, grab it now! PaceDJ is the only app that matches its music beats per minute (BPM) to your running pace which allows you to create interval workouts.

The app is recommended by a number of newspapers and magazines, such as the New York Times, Washington Post, Health Magazine, Runners’ World, Men’s Health, Women’s Health, RealSimple and much more. It also has good user reviews as well.

For more information, visit its website.