iPhone screenshot App Screeny


One of the iPhone’s great features is its ability to take a screenshot or screen dump.

I take daily screenshots of something from a website, something I have to remember, a boarding pass or even a fun image. I can also share them on Twitter or facebook etc. The problem is that these screenshots are helpful only here and now and one (I) forget to delete them again and thus fills and messing around in the camera roll. Especially now that we’ve got iCloud Photo Library  it is annoying to have to look at these screenshots in between the pictures of the family, etc.

Remove your screenshots easy way

Screeny  is a new app that makes super easy to find and delete your screenshots. Simply open the app and choose the screenshots you want to get rid of. Not much more to say about this app. Often, the simple most effective.

Delete your screenshots quickly and easily by downloading Screeny here .

screeny app to clean screenshots

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