Keezy: make music with your own soundboard



Every now and then comes an iPhone app that instantly causes a smile on your face. Keezy has that property. It is a free downloadable application that consists of nothing more than eight colorful buttons. Each of these buttons is a recorder: when you press on it  you start recording the sound you want and it  is stored behind that button. So you can listen to your recordings by pressing on it later. With this application you can easily make your own (musical) soundboard.


The intention is immediately clear. You press one button and  tap rhythmically on the table, the following do another effect, under the following button say or sing something and another button to copy a statement that you hear on TV. Use your imagination. After recording, the microphone button disappears and you know that it is ready to listen back. The Keezy app plays recordings with ease all at once. You can make quite long recordings with Keezy. That’s just a matter of keeping a record button pressed. At the end your home-made song is ready to share….