Logitech AnyAngle: Logitech iPad Cover



Logitech has launched a new iPad Air 2-cover called AnyAngle. As the name says, the idea that it can be harnessed to a stand or holder that can be adjusted to exactly the angle the user might desire.

What distinguishes Logitech AnyAngle from other protection covers? It has an embedded hidden hinge that holds the iPad in any angle within 50 degrees. The cover also folds behind the iPad, creating a clean, minimalist look, whether the iPad is or is laid down. Magnets secure the iPad and helps to keep the angle, even during motion.

The cover has a rubberized frame which helps protect your iPad from accidental bumps and drops. Obverse hidden magnets keep the case securely closed, and protects the screen from cracks and scratches. The back of the case is clear and shows the back of the iPad, but it still protects from scratches.

Logitech AnyAngle is available in a variety of color combinations with theĀ suggested retail price of $ 59.Logitech AnyAngle is available for 59$