lowercase keyboard function with iOS 9


Relax, iOS 9 had just recently placed the lowercase keyboard function

[wpbeautify-video src=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W8tkM-scOrc&amp” skin=”skin5″ width=”700″ autoplay=”true”]

Everything that was announced by Tim Cook and other Apple representatives in the WWDC covered every new products key features to look out for in the upcoming days. But there was never enough luxury time to say when other basic features will be built on the new iOS 9. The lowercase keyboard is finally there for iOS 9 which is pretty much obvious for a basic need. Though changes were made with the shift key as shown on the video. iOS 9 uses a monochromatic highlight when deployed compared to iOS 7 when it turns blue. The new one seems to be more in contrast with the wholesome color of the device display, and also looks more simple and minimalistic.

iOS 9: Photos app new feature

Another surprise if you’ve never heard of it. iOS 9 has a new feature for the Photos app, you will never encounter the usual way of sharing photos the same way again, sharing multiple photos with a single swipe and in contrast, deleting several photos at a time as well is made possible. You can swipe either upwards or sideways to select multiple photos, you can stop anytime, and even more you can swipe twice and select photos from another row of a group of photos with a second swipe gesture. Otherwise, you won’t have to deselect photos manually, you just have to swipe the other way around.

This new feature makes people who are fond of sharing their daily adventures to friends, relatives and loved ones lives a lot easier, you won’t have to tap every single photo that you want to share, you just have to swipe it and you’re good to go. This idea, though simple, is fascinating, it deserves an award, as simple as swiping to select a couple of photos is a very brilliant idea.