Math Apps Solve4x and Photomath


We have found some apps that turns math into fun; Solve4x and Photomath

Do you remember math books from the old days in elementary school, where you were step by step taught solutions to individual calculations? Now it is time to say goodbye to these books and embrace the latest apps that make it to solve complex mathematical problems as easy as taking a picture!

You may have also tried you with betting and tried to work with the odds. That you may also use some of these apps. Otherwise, continue to get smarter at solving difficult mathematical equations with a keystroke below.

Today you can choose between learning methods with formulas and hours of homework or apps that lets you solve equations simply by pointing the camera at the equation. The various app stores also have a number of scientific calculators available cheaply or for free, making this handy tool far more accessible today than in the past, where it could easily cost a small fortune.

We have made no attempt to make an exhaustive list, but instead we just wanted to find a few apps that we think can do math (almost) fun.

We begin with Photomath, which is probably the best app to solve math pieces. It uses something called “augmented reality”, which means that you can simply point your camera at a piece of paper with a mathematical equation, and then find the app a solution. There are of course limitations, for example, the app can not recognize handwritten equations at present, but it does a good job when it comes to printed equations. Nor can solve quadratic equations, functional equations and certain other challenges. That said, do app a great job with basic math problems and equations. The app shows the resolution of the screen and shows how it has solved the problem. It also contains a log of all the equations, it has solved so that you can refer to an earlier problem, if necessary.Photomath is free for iOS.

Solve4x is another free iOS app with an equation solver, where you can either manually can write an equation to be solved, or you can take a photo and automatically treat the whole equation. You can also use a photo that is already saved in the gallery. It works with printed text, and even though some text is garbled. One limitation is that the app does not support equations with parentheses. Solve4x is also free in the App Store.

Can we leave it to learn mathematics now today. No, that is not what is meant. The idea is probably more that parents can use it to check the results, as their children, without having to keep up with complex mathematics. On the other hand, they probably want to keep the kids away from the iPhone, etc., When learning to solve mathematical equations.Danish iPhone fraudster fined 3 million.  crowns