Must-have iPhone apps free for a limited time



During the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), 9 paid iPhone apps are on sale for free in honor of the event. Don’t miss it and grab it at the App Store as fast as you can. These are the apps that only the developers know when they’re going to put the price back.

1.Easy Reminder

Priced at $1.99.

We all have important appointments or dates that we don’t want to miss, now Easy Reminder can get the job done.



  1. Import birthdays from contacts or phonebook.
  2. Add birthdays, anniversaries, weddings etc.
  3. To-do list.
  4. Direct tab to Call/SMS/Email for someone with a birthday or anniversary.
  5. Add notes to specific events.
  6. Organize daily reminder.
  7. Countdown timer to the date.
  8. Passcode for privacy purposes.
  9. Zodiac sign display on Birthday tab.
  10. Backup reminders to iCloud and restore it from iCloud.
  11. Supports multiple languages, such as English/Chinese etc.


2.Cycloramic for iPhone 6/iPhone 5/iPhone 5s

Priced at $1.99.

The hands-free panorama app for iPhone 6, not for iPhone 6+. Can only be used on a smooth surface, such as a marble counter or a wood desk, whilst the hands-free feature is done with the internal vibration motor on top of the power adapter.



  1. Hands-free panoramic guidance system.
  2. Speedy panorama capture which takes only 3 seconds to get a 180-degree angle.
  3. Up to 360-degree panorama.
  4. Photo enhancement tools from Aviary: filters, frame, crop, adjustments, etc.
  5. Immersive viewer.
  6. Video conversion: Convert any photo into a video with 240-pixel resolution up to 1080 pixels.
  7. Panorama photo to Instagram video converter.
  8. Shareable to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, email, SMS and camera roll.


3.Draggy Dead

Priced at $0.99.

The gameplay video is featured in this youtube video:

[wpbeautify-video src=”” skin=”skin5″ width=”650″]

and it’s quite surprising that this time you’re going to be the zombie horde! Be the Robinhood of grave robbing.

Take note — App is compatible only for iPad 2 and above, iPhone 5 and above.



Priced at $0.99

solve iphone app

Solve, a calculator that everybody is looking for. Solve solves expressions and has a memory system that stores and recalls previous answers. As simple as tapping the answer to store it, and by tapping it again to recall it and use it as an expression.

Solve, also has a plotting feature which is capable of plotting variables x, y, and θ when you decide to plot the equation into the graph. Overall, solve is the whole package of a calculator.



Priced at $0.99


An innovation of the on-screen keyboard, just as a keyboard with new features that may come in handy for anyone. This app is for all devices and in all orientations.


  1. Wide keyboard with numbers and punctuations immediately accessible on one tab.
  2. Tab and right-delete.
  3. Next/Previous word.
  4. The traditional auto-capitalise and auto-correct.
  5. Quick and desirable access to additional characters and emoticons.



calista iphone appPriced at $0.99

Calista photo editor, but Calista offers a unique way of designing your photos. You can choose from a lot of categories and image overlays to pull off an artistic output of your photo.

Among the design features are listed in the following:

  1. Basic Template – Circle, line, polygon and other shapes.
  2. Floral Template – Handmade painting watercolor flowers.
  3. Jogakbo Template – Korean textile technic.
  4. Zodiac Template – Style your photo with constellations.
  5. Object Template – Templates shaped according to the object.
  6. Geometric Template – Design with geometric patterns.
  7. Artistic Template – Artist brush effects.
  8. Prism Template – Multiple lights and colors.
  9. Pattern Template – Structured patterns.
  10. Light Template – Make your photo a bit livelier with lighter effects.
  11. Quotes Template – Add inspiring quotes to your photo.


7.Reverse Cam

Priced at $0.99

The Reverser Cam, the name itself says it. Reverse your video recordings, see what you can get.

reverse cam

8.Water Minder

Priced at $1.99

This app is amazing! It monitors how much your body is hydrated. This app reminds you to be hydrated and to be healthy at all times. Plus, it is also available in the Apple Watch now.

water minder app

9.Lens Kit 360 Pro

Priced at $1.99

The Lens Kit 360, it represents 10 different themes to choose from for your choice of filters and effects to get a unique photo design.

Lens Kit 360 Pro